For New Zealand Residents

Travel Claims
If the unexpected happens and you need to make a claim, rest assured you can do this at any time. Here’s some helpful information on how to claim and who to contact for help.
Submitting a claim
You can submit your claim by downloading our Claim Form and sending it to us.

You’ll need to answer some questions around:
  • The type of claim you are making
  • The circumstances surrounding the claim
  • The expenses you are claiming

Once your claim has been submitted, we’ll be in touch to advise you of the outcome or request more information if required.

Download a Claim Form

If your policy number starts with QI (eg. QINZL123456), you can download a claim form below and follow the written instructions on the form. For all other policies please contact us for a claim form.

Need help with your claim?

If you need help in making a claim or would like to follow up on the status of a claim, please contact our claims team using the relevant details below. Please note, if you are following up on a claim you recently submitted, it can take up to 10 working days from the time your claim was received before you can expect an outcome or a request for further information.

Claims Enquiries

Our Claims team is here to help if you need help making a claim, or would like to follow up on the status of a claim

By phone:

0800 800 608 (within New Zealand)
+64 9 300 5331 (from overseas)

By mail:

PO Box A975
Sydney South NSW 1235